Tomorrow, a Rare Bite Into Ron Howard's Dallas-Made Cotton Candy at Tradewinds

Since last we posted a little taste of Ron Howard's 1978 made-for-TV Cotton Candy, a few clips have found their way to the YouTube. Like the Battle of the Bands at top -- if nothing else, it's 11 minutes spent inside a Town East Mall that don't like that no more.

But Mark Ridlen, who slipped me my copy of the movie years ago and appears in the film as a member of the band Rapid Fire, wants to make sure you're aware: He's screening the entirety of the movie, complete with local commercials, tomorrow night at the Tradewinds on W. Davis, along with the classic, outta-print-till-recently Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains. Showtime's at 8. On the other side, the original NBC commercial for Cotton Candy. Which is, what, the sixth-best movie ever made in Dallas?

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