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Update: Brian Loncar in ICU

Brian Loncar

Editor's note: When I posted this item this morning, it appeared as though no one was seriously injured in last night's accident. Clearly, that has changed, as evidenced by the updates I have posted throughout the day, and the tone of the original item is no longer appropriate. Hence, the alterations below. I am also closing the comments.

From this Dallas Morning News story posted moments ago: "Prominent attorney Brian Loncar was injured Thursday night when a fire engine collided with his Bentley in the Oak Lawn area, Dallas police said ... The accident will likely be ruled as Mr. Loncar's fault because he 'failed to yield right of way to an emergency vehicle.'" --Robert Wilonsky

Update: The Dallas Morning News is now reporting that Loncar's "in critical condition" at Parkland Memorial Hospital. But, further in the story, it also notes that "the nature and extent of Mr. Loncar’s injuries were unknown and hospital officials declined to confirm whether he was at the hospital. No one at his firm could be reached for comment."

Update to the Update: Elaine Liner received an e-mail from actress Sue Loncar, Brian's wife and owner of Contemporary Theatre of Dallas, concerning Brian's condition. Her missive is after the jump, in full.

Its really serious! Its amazing he survived. Already had several surgeries. Intensive care. Will be there weeks. Lost spleen. Shattered pelvis-detached bladder-lot alot of blood-keeping him sedated and on a ventilator. NIGHTMARE!! Hit by a raging firetruck!

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