Vaught Says of Keffer's Immigration Mailer: "It's Insanity, Absurdity."

Yesterday, Vince Leibowitz posted to Burnt Orange Report a flier Republican Bill Keffer sent to would-be voters in Texas House District 107 in East Dallas, in which he attempts to link his opponent, Democratic state Rep. Allen Vaught, to some scary-looking dudes. You can see what Leibowitz brands the "racist mailer" above. "It's insanity, absurdity," says Vaught, the Iraq War veteran who defeated the then-incumbent Keffer for the House seat in 2006.

"You didn't know I was the founder and organizer of the Mexican Mafia, did you? I guess Keffer believes that if you say the guy hates sunshine and eats puppies, maybe enough people will believe it," Vaught tells Unfair Park today. "It's insanity. It's one of the most ridiculous ads I've ever seen."

Vaught, the managing attorney in the Dallas offices of Franklin, Cardwell, & Jones, says he first saw the flier earlier this week -- and "my jaw hit the ground, and my teeth about popped out," he says. Far as he can figure, the quote on the mailer stems from some remarks he made to Texas Employers for Immigration Reform a while back, when, during a discussion about immigration reform, Vaught said, "You have to stop the political gimmicks, and what I meant is the very thing Keffer did -- his flier is my Exhibit A in stopping the nonsense."

On his Web site, Vaught is very clear where he stands on immigration: "I support any effective measure that will secure our border; enforce our laws; stop illegal immigrants from cutting in line ahead of people who are following the legal process; [and] protect businesses and our economy by pursuing reform that’s grounded in practical reality, not political theatrics."

Keffer representatives said he or a spokesperson would talk to Unfair Park this afternoon; thus far, calls have not been returned.

Vaught, who received a Purple Heart following injuries sustained in Fallujah and who likes to stress he's a Democrat with the National Rifle Association's endorsement, ultimately dismisses the flier as nothing more than fear-mongering. "These Karl Rove-style attacks have to stop, or we'll tear ourselves apart," Vaught says. "I'm gonna win this thing with room to spare, and he's gonna help me do it, because Keffer's run the most absurd campaign." --Robert Wilonsky

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