Welcome to DewFeed, the Wackiest BuzzFeed-Inspired Campaign Website in Texas

Dan Patrick, a Republican state senator from Houston and Tea Party darling, has officially been in the lieutenant governor's race for almost two months now. Patrick, like the other challengers vying for the seat, has positioned himself to the right of incumbent David Dewhurst, attacking him for being too moderate and for a series of procedural missteps that left the door open for Wendy Davis' abortion filibuster.

None of those attacks come close to what Patrick unleashed today. DewFeed, which the paid-for-by-Texans for Dan Patrick banner and the link to his campaign donation website suggests is legit, is brutal. It's the "night that will live in Texas political infamy, as told by cats."

Sure enough, the listicle that follows tells the tale of Davis' filibuster through a series of nine cat GIFs. This, for example, is Dewhurst haplessly chasing his tail:

And this is the unruly liberal mob:

And this is what Dan Patrick will do to Democrats:

Welcome to the BuzzFeedification of politics.

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