What Do T. Boone Pickens, Josh Hamilton, Willa Ford, Craig Watkins, Demi Lovato and Pete Freedman Have in Common?

Well, none of them are building wind farms in West Texas. Two have known the soft touch of Mike Modano. Three are former or current Disney Channel stars. All are enamored of copious amounts of free publicity. Two have posed nude. And all have been named one of the "25 Most Interesting People in DFW," at least according to contributors to KXAS-Channel 5's Web sites, where it's "locals only," whatever that means. In the case of our music editor and DC9'er, writes Lyndsay Knecht Milne, "possibly the most valuable contribution Freedman makes to our city stems from his awareness of what keeps the music scene more disjointed than those of cities who've earned the same critical acclaim: key Dallas neighborhood associations' fear of and distaste for the crowds at live music events that would enrich their communities." (Avi, I think she's talking about you. Yup, she is.)

Anyway, the site'll keep adding names, five per day, till July 10. So, yes, there's still time for you and you and especially you. Schutze and I have nominated each other for the "10 We're Just Tired Of" list.

Updated at 9:19 a.m. Wednesday: Didn't intend for this to become an item about Avi Adelman, but in the comments you'll find the Lower Greenville activist's reaction to his being added to the station's tired-of list Wednesday morning.

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