Wherein I Pimp My Friends

You may have gotten them into Esquire, Zac Crain, but Mandy and Lauren of Girls Gone Sports were mine first! Folks, if you're not already reading the best sports blog in town, now's the time to get on it: GGS is written by two of my fellow Mansfield High School alums, the aforementioned Mandy and Lauren, who spent their traumatic high school years with me as drama nerds. You first met them when they guest-starred in my column about the Ghostbar -- not only do they like sports, but they're also good sports who'll go anywhere so long as somebody else is picking up the tab.

Mandy and Lauren also dig dick jokes, sports statistics and trashy photos of sports stars gone bad. Also, they have boobs, they're funnier than me, and, as of this month, they're more successful. Bitches. Check out the girls' print-byline debut in this month's Esquire, wherein they tell you what's going to go down in the sports world this year. Oh, and even before the pesky Esky thing hit newsstands, they got themselves featured in next week's paper version of Unfair Park -- a very special issue. Our best, you could say. --Andrea Grimes

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