Which Dallas Sports Team Owner Said: "You Can't Shit On Your Fans"?

Ahem, "breaking news" from Richie forthcoming: In about 20 minutes out Arlington way, the Cowboys are corralling local media at Jerryworld "to announce a major event coming to the new facility beginning in 2009." No word yet on what it is -- one can only hope the words "monster" and "trucks" are involved.

Also in local sports franchise owner news, Tom Hicks, who got a shout-out here yesterday, might be living in "dreamland" -- well, it's either Hicks or his Liverpool FC partner (for now), George Gillett. And Mark Cuban provides a few A's for King Kaufman's Q's on Salon this morning. Which is where the headline for this item comes from -- because you know Tom Hicks and Jerry Jones would never say such a thing. --Robert Wilonsky

Update: For those antsy for the Cowboys' announcement, here 'tis: Texas A&M and Arkansas will play an annual non-conference game at Jerryworld beginning in 2009. The series will run till at least 2019, at which time the game might move to Mars. Richie's report from the scene forthcoming, for those in need of more, more, more details.

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