Whitt's End: 8.19.11

  • A&M to the SEC? To me it's a joke. Notre Dame to the Big 12? You heard it first right here last week ... and it's gaining momentum.

  • Had my first experience with a red-light camera last week. Got a ticket in the mail from the city of Plano. No way. Couldn't have been me. I don't even ... sure enough, it was me. Turning right on red at Legacy Drive onto the Tollway south. I slowed down, but didn't completely stop. Pictures. Even video of the "violation." I could fight it. Or just learn a $77 lesson. Damn you, Big Brother!

  • I love NFL football. But I hate the NFL machine. The one that massages its rules to cater to one player, such as Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor. Psst, he ain't that good. And I'm not real sure how you can suspend a player who isn't yet a part of your league? I also can't stand when Michael Vick says "Yes!" then is forced to have someone else write him a statement that says, after further review, "No!" I fully believe Vick was indeed "convinced" by commish Roger Goodell to sign with the Eagles last year. Why? Because he would be Philly's No. 3 quarterback, and not subjected to weekly big press conferences like he would've as a starter in Buffalo. Yes, it's a gross abuse of power and if I'm Jerry Jones I want an explanation.

  • As if you were actually considering voting for her, Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann thinks we're concerned about the "rise of the Soviet Union." Somewhere even Rick Perry is chuckling.

  • No way ESPN's overkill of the Little League World Series is good for boys' baseball. The purity of that event will be poisoned by egos prematurely inflated by 12-year-olds showing off on prime-time television. Or has this already occurred?

  • Lack of institutional control? Egregious violations spanning almost a decade, covering a compliance department, two athletic directors and more than 70 players? If SMU deserved the death penalty, Miami deserves the guillotine. Maybe this epic scandal will finally shrink the swagger of "The U."

  • On my trips to and from San Antonio recently I passed a place called Bikini's Sports Bar on Interstate 35. Wondered what it might be like. Wonder no more, there's one in Arlington. Meet you there for a beer or three?

  • Mavericks are scheduled to return to the court Oct. 14 against the Sacramento Kings in their home exhibition opener at American Airlines Center. Betcha a nickel that game doesn't get played. Re: Lockout.

  • Figured I could stand on the goal-line at Cowboys Stadium and throw a Frisbee at least to the 50-yard line. Nope, only the 46.

  • Bravo to NBC5 anchor Kristi Nelson, who gave her mom a kidney this week. Wonder the response to that sentence if I would have typed it into Whitt's End, circa 1951?

  • Congrats to UFC. Big-time, mainstream deal with Fox struck this week. Now if we could just get some intriguing fights up in here. Last couple have been duds, unless you like watching Rashad Evans breaking Tito Ortiz' sternum with his knee.

  • This weekend? Before football kidnaps all my Saturday afternoons through December, how about one more day on the lake tomorrow with bikini-clad girls like her and her and her down at Joe Pool. Sunday, of course, is Cowboys-Chargers in Arlington. Kick-off 7:20 p.m., pregame at 4 o'clock on flagship station 105.3 The Fan. Don't be a stranger.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.