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Whitt's End: 9.3.10

*I took one thing and one thing only out of Cowboys 27, Dolphins 25 Thursday night in Arlington: I trust David Buehler. In the preseason a lot of things sputtered offensively for Dallas, but 10 of 11 field goals - including 4 of 4 against Miami - is enough for me.

*Embarrassed to ask this, but does Jerry Lewis still do his Labor Day telethon? (Answer: Duh.) Got me to thinking, what was the last major medical breakthrough in our country: Did we cure cancer? AIDS? Muscular dystrophy? The common cold? Crabs? West Nile virus? The bubonic plague? Hmm.

*I know Ian Kinsler is better, but I think the Rangers could win a playoff game or two with Andres Blanco at second base.

*Not trying to spark a political debate (hey, if it happens ... it happens), but pretty sure our 7-year itch in Iraq was a waste. Say what you want about Saddam being dead and gone or the Iraqis now being liberated, but check this: Taxpayers spent $40 million for a prison sitting empty in the desert north of Baghdad. $165 million for a children's hospital that never opened its doors. And $100 million for a wastewater treatment plant less than a mile from where kids play in open sewage flowing through the streets of Fallujah. In all, $5 billion wasted. No matter where you sit on the political fence, you gotta see that President Obama is on point when he says we've spent valuable lives and assets abroad when shrinking budgets are a bigger problems at home.

*Dez Bryant is going to be a stud. With two kids from different moms before age 22, is he also already a ... stud?

*Lock of the week: SMU +14 over Texas Tech.



*Not shocked at all by the story of a Southwest Airlines pilot being blinded by a bright laser coming from the parking lot of Bombshells topless joint near Walnut Hill and 35. Went there recently and the parking lot was like a Mexico City flea market. Two seperate groups were grilling/hawking some sort of meat and I coulda sworn there was a shady dude selling knockoff wallets. As for the women inside: Pass.

*There's talk of Jerry Jones possibly releasing both Patrick Crayton and Sam Hurd and saving money with similar/cheaper players Kevin Ogletree and Jesse Holley. This won't better not happen. With a Super Bowl-caliber team, the big game in his stadium and an uncapped year now and possibly no football in 2011, we should demand that Jones push all his chips to the middle of the table. Hey Cowboys: It's Time. Not to save money, but to go for it.

*I need your serious feedback for a moment. Newspapers are on the verge - it's like everyone's waiting for someone to go first, then there will be a dogpile - of charging for online content. What are you guys willing to pay to read, say, The Dallas Morning News' sports section online? $1 a day? $15 a month? And about this here blog? If it's no longer free, (not going to happen) does Sportatorium become a ghost town? Just a question. Not a warning.

*Stood next to boxer Manny Pacquiao last night at Cowboys Stadium. Dude is tiny. I'm 5-foot-8 and I'm pretty sure he could shatter my sternum with one jab, but it's shocking how small he is. For the record, he's listed at 5-6, 145 pounds.

*This group still melts my face off.

*Hurry back, Kyle Kosier. In his absence the Cowboys - so far - are turning to Montrae Holland. Yuck. He had two false starts against Miami (that's four in two games) and the Cowboys rushed six times for eight yards with him on the field. Kosier may be back for the September 12 opener. If not, there's just got to be a better alternative.

*Swear I'm not lying. At my local Kroger this morning they were stocking the "seasonal" aisle with Halloween crap.

*This morning it was in the 70s. I can't tell you how many people commented about it. I don't get it. Talking about the weather is so friggin' time-wasting boring. When it's hot I wear shorts. When it's cold I put on a jacket. When it rains I forget my umbrella and just run really fast. I think each time you talk about the weather a little bit of you dies. The young, fun, adventurous, spontaneous bit.

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*Sookie > Snooki.

*This is not a paid endorsement of P90x, but rather just an embarrassing unveiling of my dumb ass before/after the 90-day program. I like to refer to myself as "The Quandary." Let the insults commence.

*Don't care what the dictionagoogle says, I like to chunk rocks at the lake.You like to chuck them? Be my guest. But I'm chunking.

*This Labor Day Weekend? Saturday night I'm buying drinks and/or dinner for a noted hot TV personality. (No, it's not Mike Doocy). Sunday at a buddy's house I'm watching SMU beat Texas Tech. Monday I'll be laboring, right back in here and on the air at 105.3 The Fan with Greggo for a holiday kickoff of 9 a.m. Don't be a stranger.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.