Will City Plan Commission OK Greenville Ave. Bowling Alley? We'll Find Out Thursday. Maybe.

No doubt you've heard of plans to plant a six-lane bowling alley-slash-bar next to Good Records on Lowest Greenville. It was on the City Plan Commission's agenda two weeks ago, at the same time the CPC replatted Valley View Center to make way for its inevitable demolition. Problem was, neighborhood groups banded together to protest the bowling alley, insisting that it was just another Greenville Avenue bar dolled up in a bowling shirt.

Residents are concerned about several factors, chief among them parking issues and plans for a rooftop patio, which is why the CPC put off granting Madison Partners its specific use permit two weeks ago and deferred the discussion to Thursday's meeting. I asked council member Angela Hunt this morning for her thoughts, and she says she "will wait till it comes to council" before commenting. But this is what city staff has to say on the subject:

Staff does not agree that alcohol service should be a factor in considering a specific use permit; however, staff agrees that the rooftop patio should not be in operation between the hours of midnight and 6:00 a.m. due to the adjacent residential uses to the north, east, and west. The applicant is requesting SUP conditions that would allow the rooftop patio to be utilized as part of the late-hours establishment but close the rooftop bar at 1:00 a.m. To mitigate sound, the applicant is proposing to use landscaping materials. If the CPC is inclined to approve the rooftop patio use for the late-hours establishment, staff supports potted evergreen landscaping materials that form a six-foot solid screen on the perimeter of the rooftop patio.

The entire City Plan Commission agenda can be found here.

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