Zac, You Made It!

Hey, I never thought former Dallas Observer music editor Zac Crain's mayoral bid was a joke (my wife, on the other hand...kidding). But now that I can read about it here, in the hallowed pages of Dallas' Only Daily, well, now I will take it very, very, very seriously. Good luck, bubba. Not that you'll need it. I will say this: I was gonna run, but opted out when Z.C. threw his beard into the race. I'm that kinda good friend. And I could never have gotten Shibboleth and Sorta to play my coming-out party. (Zac's making it official, as though a DMN announcement ain't enough, on April 24 at the Sons of Hermann Hall.) Maybe a klezmer band at the synagogue, though. --Robert Wilonsky


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