Zac's Tracks o' Wax

Former Observer music editor Zac Crain has leaked the tentative tracklisting for his double-CD Zac Crain for Mayor campaign fundraiser, and it's somewhat of a doozy.

Though the set contains the requisite contributions from Sorta-obvious Barley House drinking buddies such as Olospo, I Love Math and Salim Nourallah (plus everyone's favorite twangy-troubadour-turned-fashion-model Rhett Miller), it also contains fresh fare from young D/FW bands like Dove Hunter, as well as tracks from local indie heroes Centro-matic, Pleasant Grove and Tim DeLaughter. Denton's Fishboy even composed a special tune for the occasion ("The Ballad of Zac Crain"), though we're not sure what business Dentonites have on a Dallas mayoral candidate's benefit album (other than making it a whole lot better, of course).

Tracklist after the jump. And, take note: We'll have a few MP3s from the discs available on Unfair Park in coming days. --Noah Bailey

Disc 1 1. Fishboy, "The Ballad of Zac Crain" 2. The Crash That Took Me, "Julianne" 3. Philip E. Karnats, "When the Stereo Broke Its Back" 4. Pleasant Grove, "Luzern" 5. Centro-matic, "Atlanta" 6. The Paper Chase, "Oh! The Horror! The Horror!" 7. Pikahsso, "God for a Day" 8. Shanghai 5, "Love is a Racket" 9. Here, In Arms, "Darling" 10. Smile Smile, "Taking its Toll" 11. Sorta, "Grown Man" 12. I Love Math, "These Paper Walls" 13. The Dutch Treats, "My Bionic Hand" 14. Dove Hunter, "What Turns Inside" 15. Red Monroe, "Our Love" 16. Tim DeLaughter, "Winter Wonder Slumber"

Disc 2 1. Shibboleth, "Pokky Pokky" 2. Ben Kweller, "Magic" 3. American Werewolf Academy, "Summer Ship" 4. Rhett Miller, "She Loves the Sunset" 5. Voot Cha Index, "Japan" 6. J.D. Whittenburg, "The Secrets That I Keep" 7. Radiant, "That Girl" 8. Salim Nourallah, "It's My Dream" 9. Hydroponic Sound System, "Lone Star Uprising" 10. John Dufilho with Robert Schneider (of Apples in Stereo), "I'm Jinxed" 11. Saboteur, "Bitchin' Into Oblivion" 12. Pilotdrift, "...you know the world is wonderful" 13. Olospo, "You Deserve Better" 14. Rose County Fair, "Midnight on the M Streets" 15. Hardin Sweaty and the Ready to Go, "The Fall" 16. Dave Little, "Zac Crain Ain't No Laura Miller"

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.