100 Favorite Dishes, No. 68: Cabrito a la Parrilla at El Ranchito

The first time I ate cabrito was at El Ranchito, a glorious palace of Mexican food specializing in Comida Norteña (that is, the regional dishes of northern Mexico) located on Oak Cliff's Jefferson Boulevard.

Serenaded by the sweet sound of not one but two mariachi bands and bolstered by a few cold Dos Equis, I brazenly tore a fatty chunk of meat off the mini-goat carcass splayed on the parrilla (that's a flat grill used for cooking all sorts of tasty meats, gringo) in the middle of the table and tucked it into a warm flour tortilla with grilled onions, guac and pico.

The baby goat was rich and tender, less gamey than lamb but exponentially more flavorful than chicken, with a touch of smoky flavor from the grill. In a word, delicious.


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