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A Look at TikTok's Viral Pink Sauce and Why Everyone's Obsessed

Dragon fruit is what gives Pink Sauce its distinctive hue.
Dragon fruit is what gives Pink Sauce its distinctive hue. Photo by Pontus Ohlsson on Unsplash
Food-inspired TikTok videos have become popular since the social media platform took off a few years ago. Videos range from step-by-step recipes to users attempting viral food trends or dares — all for more views.

Right now, the internet can’t get enough of the latest craze, the viral Pink Sauce created by a Florida-based private chef known as @chef.pii on TikTok.


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This dipping sauce has attracted a flurry of attention for its unusual Pepto-pink pigment and indescribable flavor. Chef Pii pitches it mainly as a condiment and has poured it over foods like burgers, fries, chicken and even salad. With the unexpected response, this now-famous TikToker decided to give many curious fans an opportunity to taste it for themselves by selling it through a website. However, it's taken a surprisingly chaotic direction.

Many customers wonder why the pink hue changes in different videos, and others simply want to know what it tastes like. Some who purchased the sauce online received broken bottles, which led to a foul odor. The packaging wasn’t the only strange aspect of the product.
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Some buyers were also concerned after reading the nutritional label. The product package claims to hold 444 servings; a serving is one tablespoon, which would be more than 27 cups of Pink Sauce, or 1.7 gallons. For reference, a bottle of store-bought Chick-fil-A sauce has 32 tablespoons. Maybe the serving size is actually an ode to Jay-Z's album 4:44, which is, in fact, a masterpiece. But Pink Sauce is not. Yet, anyway. We're open-minded.

Ingredients include honey, garlic and pitaya (dragon fruit), which gives the sauce its pink color. Some noted that vinegar is misspelled on the label as “vinger." But words are hard.

@king.asante It looks so gross #pinksauce #asantemadrigal #thepinksauce #food ♬ Violin - Grooving Gecko
One person even went as far as faking his own death after having Pink Sauce.

In a live video addressing concerns over FDA approval, Chef Pii says, "Pink Sauce is not a medical product." While that concern was likely aimed at the "F" part of the FDA, Florida does have cottage industry laws that allow for home-based food businesses and don't require FDA approval for low-risk products.

With the widespread backlash, Chef Pii continues to defend her product while facing divided views on social media and Reddit. The private chef claims that her community, including her own kids, enjoy the product and have reported no health problems after consuming the sauce.

Not everyone is complaining, though. In this TikTok video, a guy somewhere who looks to have enjoyed taco salad for dinner "wasn't expecting much" but thought it was "delicious" even though he couldn't say what it tastes like.

Maybe it tastes like caveat emptor. 
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