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At Baboush, Tea the Moroccan Way

If you glance over water, which seems more of a given than an actual drink, tea is the most commonly consumed beverage in the world. It beats coffee by a long shot, and it somehow outpaces beer, too. If you're not a tea drinker, you're firmly in the minority.

With so many people drinking so much tea, numerous methods of preparation were inevitable. Order tea service at Baboush for a window into Moroccan tea. Just be sure to brush your teeth that evening because this stuff is suhweet.

Not long after you make your request, your waiter will arrive with small glasses and a large teapot filled with tea.The tea itself is mild, but it's supplemented with enough sugar to give the liquid a thick, viscous consistency. The texture is further played up with an aggressive pour -- falling from arm's length, the tea in each cup is capped with a short-lived head. The violent trip also serves to aerate the mixture.

The orange blossom water, on the other hand, is anything but fleeting. It fills your nostrils with a sweet jasmine scent and lands on your palate like grandma's perfume. Combined with the mint (a leaf garnishes each glass) the tea is somehow refreshing, but still must be enjoyed cautiously, in short doses. It's the sort of experience that will reshape your thoughts when it comes to tea altogether. You'll either leave with a new appreciation for the world's most popular beverage, or even more firmly cemented in your minority ways.

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