BEE (Best Enchiladas Ever) Lives Up to Its Name

BEE: Best Enchiladas Ever (brought to you by Monica Greene of Monica's Aca Y Alla) calls itself an "enchiladeria." To me, "enchiladeria" sounds like the immediate effects of eating one too many spicy enchiladas. "Dude, that meal gave me severe enchiladeria." But, as it turns out, it just means that BEE serves a lot of enchiladas.

The concept at BEE is simple: It's a Which Wich for enchiladas. You fill out an order card, hand it to them and they start making your enchilada dreams into reality.

One "made your way" enchilada is $4.99, or you can get two for $7.99. Initially, that price sounds high, considering that after they build your enchilada, they unabashedly microwave it right in front of you. And the prices are even higher for one of their "made our way" enchiladas especiales, which are their we-already-picked-the-ingredients-for-you enchilada inventions that cost $8.99 each. That's four bucks extra for being too lazy to choose your own fillings. Probably fair.



BEE: Best Enchiladas Ever 202 W. Davis Street 214-941-1233

If it's your first time coming to BEE, be sure to check out their online menu before you go so you can have some time to properly conceptualize your enchilada. They have six options for fillings (pork carnitas, chicken tinga, beef picadillo, beef brisket, cheese and spinach and mushroom), four different tortilla options (corn, blue corn, wheat, flour), four cheese topping options (Oaxaca, cheddar, Jack, queso fresco) and 10 sauce options (including chipotle crema, Oaxaca mole and avocado verde). And then, of course, you can choose to top it with cilantro, red onions and a whole bunch of other salsa-y options.

I invented an enchilada that I call the Pork You: pork carnitas, flour tortilla, queso blanco, queso fresca and red onions. And then I ordered their "made our way" Shrimp Diablo: spicy shrimp sauteed and topped with a holy-shit-delicious chipotle crema sauce. Both enchiladas tasted exactly as advertised: They were the best. Enchiladas. Ever.

Sure, the microwaves were weird. And for me, the ordering process was a little stressful. But all of that went out the window when queso blanco and chipotle crema entered my face. I have to say, Monica, bold move naming this place Best Enchiladas Ever. But, you're right.

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