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Blue Goose's Sopa De Albondigas: Worthy of Any Tex-Mex Best List

Just last week on the The Dallas Morning News' Eats Blog, Leslie Brenner lamented the fact that "Tex-Mex is not Dallas' strong suit," and invited readers to submit an acceptable list of establishments. She listed El Ranchito, Cuquitas, Mias, and Mextopia as passing muster. I would have added Gonzales, Chitos, El Fuego, Avilas, and, for chains, Los Cucos, Mattitos, and the venerable Blue Goose Cantina. At the latter restaurant and certainly at its Plano location, I would encourage her to try the Sopa de Albondigas, a classic Mexican soup with meatballs drenched in a savory broth that positively defines Tex-Mex. Sided with good rice and house-made tortillas, this sopa is worthy of investigation, and come warmer weather, you can sit on the patio and take a gander at the endless street parade that makes up the metroplex.

BLUE GOOSE CANTINA 4757 W. Park Blvd., Plano 972-596-8882

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Chris Meesey