Blue Mesa Near the Ballpark: Tex-Mex Chain Plots Arlington Expansion and Uptown Spin-off

News out of Cowtown via the Star-Tele is that Blue Mesa Grill is planning on opening a new restaurant at Lincoln Square just west of the Ballpark in Arlington this fall, to capitalize on sports traffic in the area.

President Jim Baron said the new Blue Mesa Grill in Arlington is in a very "tried and true center," where "everybody does well."

Except for those that didn't do quite so well, like 5 Diner, Portofino Ristorante, The Melting Pot and The Flying Saucer. That's all I can recall in recent memory. I'm sure they'll do well though. There's an Olive Garden in the same complex and we hear it's great.

Baron told the Star-Tele that he liked the spot because of the close proximity to the Rangers and Cowboys stadiums and catering opportunities. Lease negotiations aren't final yet.

Blue Mesa is also planning a Tacos & Tequila in Uptown. There's currently only one other, which is in Austin. They have over 100 different tequilas and grilled tacos, skewers, burritos, wraps and salads. If we get word on when they plan to open, we'll update.

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