Photo by Sara Kerens: A Fireside pie.
Photo by Sara Kerens: A Fireside pie.

Can You Guess Which Four "America's 35 Best Pizzas" Call Texas Home?

Does anybody else feel like pizza is diet food after all the deep-fried fair fare we've been geeking out about lately?

In an effort to get people talking about their favorites on National Cheese Pizza Day, the Daily Meal just published a list of "America's 35 Best Pizzas," which is both a random number and a ridiculous task, if you ask me.

Anyway, the Mealers started with a top 140 pizza places in the country and narrowed that number down to 35 using a panel of "about 20 American chefs, restaurant critics and pizza authorities," and then chose five pies from each region, ours being "Southwest and Texas." Texas' winningest pies? Pizaro's in Houston, Roppolo's in Austin, Antonio Ristorante in Addison Circle and Fireside Pies here in Dallas. I'd say with little to no qualification that Antonio's is the surprise here. Comes out of nowhere, no?

I had Roppolo's many, many times in college, folded a slice at Joe's in New York and shared a Jumbo Slice in D.C., but has anyone been to one of the 30 some odd other winners? Can you guys vouch for these choices? Fireside Pies is legit, but would that have been your number one choice here in town? So many questions.

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