The new TeaLatteBar in Carrollton.EXPAND
The new TeaLatteBar in Carrollton.
Jacob Vaughn

This New Hawaiian Tea Shop Brews Bold Teas Using an Espresso Machine

Fresh brews, tart lemonades and fruity smoothies are all on the menu at this new spot in Carrollton, Texas. What used to be a Starbucks has since been repurposed as a rustic boba tea and coffee bar right on the corner of Frankford and Old Denton.

TeaLatte has a nostalgic vibe, friendly vibe. Kids sit at a table in the middle of the room playing Uno, backpacks at their feet, and the atmosphere feels homey. Until recently, TeaLatte Bar — a sister company to Teapresso — only had locations in Hawaii, but the company decided to take a dip in the LoneStar state, opening new locations in Houston and Carrollton.

This paradise of cold summer drinks and hot morning pick-me-ups gives coffee and tea a new spin. Every drink on the vast menu of teas is gluten-free and made to order without the use of powders or GMO products.

The Tropic Osmanthus, Waikiki Sunset Lemonade and Strawberry Lilikoi Lemonade at TeaLatte.EXPAND
The Tropic Osmanthus, Waikiki Sunset Lemonade and Strawberry Lilikoi Lemonade at TeaLatte.
Jacob Vaughn

The Tropic Osmanthus is a fruity, subtly sour boba tea. One of the novelties behind this tea is the brewing process. TeaLatte brews all of their teas with an espresso machine. The high pressure makes for a rich and much finer brew than traditional methods of making tea. If the Osmanthus is not enough to soothe a sweet and sour tooth, there is always the Strawberry Lilikoi and Waikiki Sunset lemonades.

Lilikoi means yellow passion fruit in Hawaii and is made with organic lemonade mixed with passion fruit and strawberry jam. Named after a district in the city Honolulu, the Waikiki Sunset is a cocktail of blueberry, mango and pomegranate, and butterfly pea tea is added to give the drink a vibrant purple color and leafy aftertaste.

For those looking for something to light a fire in their morning routine, the self-proclaimed “strongest coffee in the world” can also be found at this tea and coffee bar. Death Wish Coffee is caffeinated enough to sport a warning label.

With Korea Town so close by, Carrollton has no shortage of coffee and boba tea shops, but TeaLatte Bar is a solid new option for DFW's growing tea house scene.

TeaLatte Bar, 3052 Old Denton Road, Carrollton

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