Chills 360's Thai Rolled Ice Cream Looks Cool — But Is It Really Worth the Hype?

Deep Ellum has a reputation for rock 'n' roll, but now it's also host to a cool food trend: Thai rolled ice cream. With late hours tailored to night owls, Chills 360 has lines spilling out the door, packed with curious crowds eager to experience the unique presentation of a familiar favorite. Sure, it looks awesome, but what does it taste like?

To cut to the chase, it tastes like ... ice cream. Despite being pummeled by metal scrapers, subjected to below-freezing temperatures and delicately scraped into a roll, the texture of the ice cream itself is not much different from what you're used to. It begins to melt and soften soon after it's served, so the flavors are what you really notice.

Choose from eight flavor/topping selections, all named as if they were My Little Ponies (well, except maybe the coffee/Kit Kat combo known as the Hangover). Fans of green tea ice cream won't be disappointed with the Matcha Made in Heaven; its earthy, not-too-sweet matcha flavor is balanced with tart, fresh strawberries and a smattering of strawberry syrup. Our next trip, though, will probably be devoted to the Peanut Butter Jealous, with a Nutter Butter garnish.

Our verdict? Chills 360 is delicious. It's probably not the best ice cream you've ever had, but the pageantry definitely adds to the appeal. Having the opportunity to watch your ice cream transform from a liquid custard base into a shape previously dominated by Fruit Roll-Ups might make it worth the $7 cup. You're in Deep Ellum, after all. Didn't you come here to see a show?

Chills 360, 2646 Elm St.
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Kellie Reynolds
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