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Dallas Is Gonna Love This One: Modern Round, a Restaurant With a Virtual Shooting Range

Shoot replica guns at video simulations at a new restaurant coming to Dallas. "Our replica firearms include a CO2 cartridge for the recoil effect," the restaurant says. "You can get approximately 150 shots per CO2 cartridge."
Shoot replica guns at video simulations at a new restaurant coming to Dallas. "Our replica firearms include a CO2 cartridge for the recoil effect," the restaurant says. "You can get approximately 150 shots per CO2 cartridge." Photo courtesy of Modern Round
In this week's round-up of Dallas dining news, there's a little beer news, a little food truck news and one endlessly curious bit of news:  Dallas is fixin' to get a restaurant where you can shoot fake guns at training simulations while waiting on your dinner.
  • As reported by Eater this week, Dallas is about to get a very interesting franchise: Modern Round, a restaurant with an "empowering new entertainment concept for the adrenaline seeker in all of us," according to the restaurant's website. "It’s part virtual shooting range meets part upscale lounge. You’ll experience state-of-the-art technology that feels as real as shooting a live gun." Some of the guns are even loaded with CO2 cartridges to make the experience feel more real, and you'll be able to practice your aim while you sip cocktails and dine from a full menu. As with any food-meets-entertainment concept, you'll pay to play, but considering the market, we're pretty sure Dallas is going to be on board with this one.

  • The Austin Food & Wine Festival has released its lineup, and there's plenty of North Texas talent on the bill. Fort Worth's Tim Love is heavily involved as a partner in the fest, and a lot of local chefs will show off their stuff in the more than 40 events happening over three days: Omar Flores (Whistle Britches); Matt Balke (Bolsa); Julian Barsotti (Nonna); Junior Borges and Coner Sergeant (CBD Provisions); and Kent Rathbun. The fest takes over Austin April 28-30, and a ticket for the whole weekend will set you back $250. You can snag tickets on the festival's website.

  • We were sad when Samson's Hot Dogs shuttered on Oak Lawn last year, but something solid appears to be moving into that space: Open Sesame Grill, a Lebanese restaurant, CultureMap reports. The restaurant's menu will feature "authentic Lebanese" fair, says Mo Kamal, the man behind the restaurant. Kafta will be a signature dish, he tells CultureMap, and he plans to open in February for both lunch and dinner.

  • The Manhattan Project Beer Co., the Dallas-based brewery behind the Half-Life IPA we can't stop drinking right now, will soon be more accessible. The brewery has been self-distributing since the collective formed in 2013, but this week they announced a new deal with Flood Independent Distribution. "Like us, Flood has a tightly focused portfolio of beers they believe in. They’re an independent group with a non-big beer approach. ... And they happened to be building their draft program when we launched our draft only brewery. It was kismet," the Manhattan Project wrote in their announcement. Flood distributes heavy-hitters like Mikkeller, Jester King and Dallas' BrainDead Brewing.

  • Plano is about to get a food truck park called Hub Streat, according to Plano Magazine, and while it doesn't open until March, they're hosting a kick-off event on Saturday, Jan. 28, that features several big-name food trucks from around DFW. "When complete in late March (fingers crossed), Hub Streat will be home to the first food truck park in Plano. Located at 14th Street and M Avenue in downtown Plano, the entertainment center has two permanent structures that will house four signature restaurants (serving tacos, rotisserie meats, pizza, spuds and more), multiple bar areas (with large screen TVs) and a live music stage. Outdoor amenities will include fire pits, cabanas, rotating food trucks and a beer garden.

  • Houndstooth Coffee in Sylvan Thirty is now serving a small breakfast and lunch menu, according to a press release. While the $7 peanut butter and jelly sandwich certainly raised our eyebrows, we're all right with the small, simple menu of dishes like a two-egg plate ($6), a puff pastry filled with bacon, egg and cheese ($6.50) and a pulled pork sandwich ($10). Breakfast is served 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. and lunch from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily. This is the first Houndstooth location (two of which are in Dallas) to have a full kitchen.

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