Does Size Matter to the Food Network?

Rahm Fama, host of the Food Network's new meat-centric show Meat and Potatoes, wants you to know he's not fixated on oversized meat - but that's what brought him to Texas.

In an upcoming episode entitled "Oversized Meat," Fama pays a visit to Fort Worth's Cowtown Diner to tackle the four-pound chicken fried steak. Spoiler alert: The CFS wins.

Fama claims he's more interested in quality than quantity, but says he found it hard to stop eating the $70 steak. While he refused to offer his take on the cultural significance of truck-sized steaks - "This isn't an oversized show," he protested - he theorizes big steaks and burgers appeal to eaters' inner cavemen.

"It's that carnivorous instinct that just wants more and more and more," says Fama, who somehow missed the Big Texan while filming in-state. "This chicken fried steak had 10,000 calories, but it was delicious."

Fama reports he partied off the calories he did manage to consume: "I had a great time in Fort Worth," he says. "Texas is great. I love meat and I love Texas."

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Hanna Raskin
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