(Far) North Texas' Newest Craft Brewery: 903 Brewers

There's another craft brewery in the works in the (far) North Texas area. 903 Brewers recently signed papers for a brand spanking new (to them) building in Sherman (1820 S. Elm St.), which they will transform into a brewery. Founder Jeremy Roberts and wife Natalie have been home brewing for several years, and on January 1 they decided to go all in and turn their hobby into a career.

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The Roberts brewing equipment will arrive in April or May. For now they're developing a few recipes and getting feedback through various tasting events. They plan to start with three core beers: an English brown ale, a light American coconut ale and a sweet pecan porter. Four seasonal beers will rotate in the line-up.

Of course, due to Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission laws, no one can even consider tapping a keg at a bar or restaurant until they've been fully licensed, which they can't even consider doing until they have a fully functioning brewery. It's a process that can take years from start to finish.

However, for Dallas Beer Week, 903 will be at a home brewing workshop at Texas Brewing in Haltom City on Sunday, November 11. Check out the 903 Facebook page for regular updates.

Party tip: Most brewers (and people in the world) use Facebook to update followers on all their happenings. But, that's harder now with the new FB set up. So, here's what you should do:

• Pull up your FB page and look for the heading "Interest" on the left-hand side. • Add an interest. Name it Craft Beer or Doomaflitcher. Whatever you like. • FB will prompt you to add different pages • Or you can pull up each FB page, then click and hold "Liked." An option to "Add to Interests" will pop up, use it.

Now you have a handy go-to guide for craft brewing updates and you no longer have to scroll through your cousin's rants about gun laws to keep up. Pow!

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