Five Dallas Summer Session Beers to Drink Now

As North Texas temperatures inch towards triple-digits and seats at the bar patio become more off-putting and less of a commodity, the prompt delivery of a cold, refreshing beer is of the utmost importance.

That's where summer session beers come in. A session beer can be loosely defined as light, refreshing, easy drinking with a relatively low alcohol content. In other words, you can drink a lot of it when it's 110 degrees outside and not get messed up.

We caught up with five North Texas brewers to sort out their best options for beating the heat this summer.

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Deep Ellum Farmhouse Wit While Deep Ellum's Rye Pils(ner) and Dallas Blonde, both available year-round, are also session-worthy, we recommend taking advantage of their summer seasonal Farm House Wit. All three options are available in cans, and you know what that means: You can drink it at the at the pool. Farmhouse Wit comes in a larger 16-ounce can so you don't even need to get out as often.

Lakewood Rock Ryder While you're awaiting the arrival of Lakewood Zomer, their summer seasonal which will be available in a few weeks, grab a Rock Ryder. This crisp, easy, sessionable beer won bronze at the 2013 San Diego International Beer Festival for Best American Rye Wheat Beer. A beer with a conscience, Rock Ryder is also Lakewood's philanthropy beer: a portion of its sale proceeds goes to For the Love of the Lake, an organization dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of White Rock Lake.

Community Witbier With notes of citrus and hints of spice derived from orange peel, coriander and a special blend of yeast, this Belgian wheat ale is light and crisp. Brewed with flaked wheat creating sweet, bready notes it is a refreshing choice for easy drinking in the Texas heat.

Peticolas Golden Opportunity Known more for their higher alcohol beers (Velvet Hammer and Royal Scandal), Golden Opportunity is Peticolas' summertime alternative. Light in color and flavor, it doesn't have too much malt or hops. With half the alcohol by volume as Velvet Hammer, feel free to double your consumption.

Revolver High Brass We won't stop you from ordering Revolver's most popular and unique brew, Blood and Honey, but be careful because with a 7 percent ABV, it doesn't quite qualify for this list. For a more sessionable beer, try Revolver High Brass. Not too heavy with hints of citrus, it maintains a hoppy finish without over doing it.

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Alicia Auping
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