Tei-An Soba House: You'll know it's stylish when you see the prices.
Tei-An Soba House: You'll know it's stylish when you see the prices.

Five Dallas Sushi Joints For the Scenester In You

It's a hard and fast rule of scenesterism, regardless of which sect you belong to: No matter how far you live from the ocean, stylish sushi must be in your dining rotation.

Whether it's Deep Ellum hipsters, Uptown collar-poppers (they still do that, right?) or people who are trendy simply because they're really, really rich, Dallas has no shortage of scenesters or their correspondingly trendy raw-seafood hangouts. So I asked around the office to supplement the few sushi experiences I've had since moving to Dallas. Here are the five scene-iest sushi scenes we could muster.

Tei-An: A bearded gentleman with a hat, ordering obscure living uni? Yes, it happens. Twenty-nine bucks is a lot to pay for so little sashimi, but the quality is top notch. 1722 Routh St. Dallas, TX 75201 214-220-2828

Blue Fish: Cue the Observer dining guide: "A hip vibe bolstered by mixed wood and metal design elements bestow upon this Japanese restaurant a sleek sheen." Also, Blue Fish's website has music that is AWESOME. 3519 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75206 214-824-3474

Deep Sushi: Deep Ellum brings us the cleverly named Deep Sushi. The crowd here skews young; this is sushi for hipsters who still have access to their parents' credit cards. 2624 Elm St. Dallas, TX 75226 214-651-1177

Nandina: Late-night sushi for the oil tycoon's daughter in you. They're open till 3 a.m., and raw salmon slices are a much stronger choice than pizza or burritos for your late-night eats. 5631 Alta Ave. Dallas, TX 75206 214-826-6300

Oishii: There's nothing cooler than ordering from a menu that doesn't exist. The #42 made the City of Ate's top 100 at No. 43. Eat yours while drinking an obscure Japanese import.


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