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Five Ridiculously Over-the-Top Things You Need to Eat (And Drink) in Dallas Right Now

Yeah, Mediterranean food can be healthy, but Pera Turkish Kitchen's massive, over-the-top, delicious brunch buffet could test that theory.
Yeah, Mediterranean food can be healthy, but Pera Turkish Kitchen's massive, over-the-top, delicious brunch buffet could test that theory. Kathyrn DeBruler
There's nothing wrong with having your old favorite at a regular haunt, but there's a lot to discover in the North Texas food scene. This weekend, go nuts by trying one of these over-the-top eats and drinks that involve everything from pizza garnishes to cocktails made with liquid nitrogen.

These sugary confections from Hurts Donut are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Tim Cox
A cereal-covered doughnut that requires a trip to Frisco and an hour wait
The new Hurts Donut in Frisco is very popular. And by very popular, we mean wait-in-line-upward-of-an-hour popular. There is good news: They've got 80 different doughnuts and this shop never closes, so just try popping in, oh, say, around 4 a.m.

Stop by Pok on Mondays and your fancy Japanese matcha will come with a side of SoulCycle.
Beth Rankin
"Ceremonial-grade" matcha that comes with a free SoulCycle class
It's hard to say whether West Village shoppers care that their matcha latte is made with carefully sourced "ceremonial-grade" matcha, but anyone who orders a drink made of the green stuff on Mondays at Pok the Raw Bar, the new poke spot on McKinney, will also get a voucher for a free SoulCycle class. That's so Dallas, baby.

Pera Turkish Kitchen's buffet just keeps going. And going. And going.
Kathryn DeBruler
A massive Turkish brunch buffet that will no mere mortal could conquer
Pera Turkish Kitchen's massive brunch comes in three stages: warm dishes, cold dishes and mountains of incredible Turkish pastries. Come hungry, DFW, because for once, this brunch really does make us wanna eat all-we-can-eat.

Oh hey, Pie Tap bloody mary garnished with pizza.
Kathryn DeBruler
A bloody mary garnished with an actual slice of pizza
Pie Tap does not mess around when it comes to pizza-brunch.

The Star Canyon Margarita at Stampede 66 got a molecular upgrade since its '90s debut.
Courtesy of Stampede 66
A smoking cocktail made using liquid nitrogen
Susie's guide to liquid nitrogen cocktails will take you down the smoky rabbit hole without damaging your internal organs in the process.
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