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Four Dallas Chefs Share Where They Dine for Breakfast

Eddie's Diner is one of chef Tiffany Derry's favorite breakfast spots.
Eddie's Diner is one of chef Tiffany Derry's favorite breakfast spots. Eddie's Diner
When it comes to finding a good breakfast in Dallas, the endless options can make deciding where to go a challenge. So we asked four of the city’s best chefs to share their favorite breakfast spots and top selections from the menu. From popular classic diners to the surprise mention of a familiar drive-thru, consider these meal options to jumpstart the day.

Chef Luke Rogers

of Cathedral Italian Bistro
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Migas at Luckys.
Taylor Adams
“For me, it’s Luckys Cafe. They use locally sourced ingredients to create their dishes. The staff is really nice, and I enjoy the classic diner feel. When I visit, I enjoy a bloody mary, fried pickles, deviled eggs and hummus to share with the table, then enchiladas and eggs for my main dish.”

Chef and Owner Tiffany Derry

of Roots Southern Table and Roots Chicken Shak
Chef Tiffany Derry
Alison McLean
“I enjoy breakfast at many Dallas restaurants, but I also make sure I support restaurants near my home. My family and I love going to Eddie’s Diner in Plano. It is locally owned and operated, and has turned into a tradition. The service is always warm and inviting. It’s one of those places where they know everyone who walks through the door because they come every week. They have great coffee and buy their ingredients locally, which really makes a difference. Some of my favorites are the pancakes, chicken fried steak and the beloved Porky Pig Skillet.”

Chef Partner Aaron Staudenmaier
of District Dallas

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A Cindi's Reuben: It's what's for breakfast.
Courtesy of Cindi's
“I love Cindi’s New York Deli on Campbell in Richardson, especially if I’m with a group. It’s got an amazing greasy spoon feel, but the food and service are really great. I’m not a huge breakfast person, generally, but there are a couple of go-to items for me here. Neither should be undertaken without consulting a cardiologist. Or don’t. You probably don’t want to know.

"First up is something I shouldn’t even tell you since I might lose my chef street cred but it goes like this: Get a Denver omelet (add bacon) and a side of crispy hash browns (add cheddar). Stack the hash browns on top of the omelet, top with ketchup and Tabasco and eat while hoping nobody is paying attention because it looks like a car crash on a plate. But it’s so good.

"The other isn’t even breakfast. See, I love that Cindi’s serves the whole menu all day. So when a group wants to go out for breakfast or brunch, I take them here and start my day with one of those Reubens. I know that my guests will have a great experience and a solid breakfast and I can be “that guy” with my sandwich. A Cindi’s Reuben is freaking delicious, and I don’t care what time of day it is. If Reubens for breakfast is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.”

Chef and Owner Toby Archibald

of Quarter Acre
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McDonald's Egg McMuffin
Lauren Drewes Daniels

“This is going to sound odd, but I do not go out for breakfast much, if at all. I am not a morning person. However, if I do get up early on the weekend to head out and pick up supplies for a project around my house/garden or to take my dog for a run at a park, I stop at the McDonald's drive-thru for breakfast. Simply put, some of their stuff is hands down the best. A lot of chefs do not like to eat there, and I get it, but I used to work at a McDonalds.

"So I am not above eating there at all. I worked there for two years during high school. It was a blast, and a few other kids from my school worked there too. We used to give away stuff in the drive-thru to friends, have eating competitions, even cleaning competitions. Also I am a little OCD, and the cleaning policies and cooking/organizational systems really appealed to that side of me. I still mop (and teach others to mop) the exact way I was shown to by my manager when I was 16 years old. For breakfast it has to be the hash browns. They are so good. I also love the sausage McMuffin. I do not know what is in there and to be honest I probably do not want to know, but it is delicious.”
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