Pumpkin, Black Licorice and Cinnamon: Frost Gelato Launches Fall Flavors

At Frost, the gelato tastes as good as it looks.
At Frost, the gelato tastes as good as it looks. courtesy Frost Gelato
Not every gelateria outside of Italy can boast the distinction of authentic flavors crafted by master gelato chefs, but the great ones can. Frost Gelato is one of the great ones. Nazario Melchionda, the corporate chef whose expert eye oversees the recipe creation for all of Frost's house-made gelato, not only trained under some of Italy's most skilled gelato masters, but actually hails from Bologna, where an entire museum is dedicated to the creamy delicacy.

Frost's gelato captures the trademark silky consistency of real-deal gelato, offered in gorgeous variety. Sample interesting flavors like honey lavender, strawberry champagne and Lotus cookie (a Belgian shortcrust biscuit) to round out your piccolo cup ($3.97). The thirst-quenching sorbettini — sorbet plus sparkling water — is also a must-try. While Dallas is lucky enough to claim more than one great gelato shop, you won't find "frostbites," truffle-like chocolate-dipped gelato treats ($9.95 for eight) offered anywhere but here.

The cool blue and glowing white surroundings promise a refreshing reprieve from the heat, but as fall begins its welcome return, people-watching on the patio with an espresso or hot GeLatte (coffee flavored with gelato) has a certain allure.The new season brings new flavors: pumpkin, black licorice, cinnamon and toasted marshmallow.

Frost Gelato, 7859 Walnut Hill Ln. (Preston Hollow Village)
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