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Watch the Stretchy, Mesmerizing Process Behind Mozzarella Co.'s Famous Cheese

Kathy Tran

For 35 years, despite the ever-changing neighborhood around it, Mozzarella Company has been making incredible queso Oaxaca, burrata con crema and, of course, fresh mozzarella in Deep Ellum. Owner Paula Lambert started the company after a trip to Italy, where she experienced truly fresh mozzarella for the first time. Knowing that Dallas didn't have the good stuff then, Lambert worked with Italian company Caseificio Brufani, which had been making cheese the old-country way for years, and convinced it to come to Dallas to teach her how to make fresh mozzarella.

Since launching Mozzarella Company, Lambert has published two cookbooks: The Cheese Lover's Cookbook and Guide in 2000 and Cheese, Glorious Cheese!, with more than 75 cheesy recipes, in 2007. She's become one of the preeminent cheese scholars in the city, and her attention to detail and commitment to the old ways show in the finished product.

To make its phenomenal array of cheeses, Mozzarella Company goes through 2,000 gallons of milk per week, and making these handmade cheeses is an exhausting daylong process. What does this process entail? A lot, actually — and now, you can get a peek inside the factory with this mesmerizing video that shows the cheese-making process from start to finish.

Next time you're in Deep Ellum, take a break from the rooftop patios and buskers and pick up a beautiful piece of locally made, Old World-style fresh mozzarella.

Mozzarella Company, 2944 Elm St.
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