Gigliola Aguilera designed the Joyce & Gigi's dining room.
Gigliola Aguilera designed the Joyce & Gigi's dining room.
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Joyce & Gigi's Is Closing

Joyce and Gigi's, the Ross Avenue neighborhood eatery specializing in creative takes on Bolivian and South American food, is closing at the end of the month, according to a statement from owner Gigliola Zimmermann. The restaurant opened in December 2012.

Dallas diners,

I would like to announce that we (Joyce & Gigi's Kitchen) will be closing our doors the last week of August 2017. It's been a pleasure to serve our community and the people who found our cuisine interesting and unique for these last five years, however, we believe it’s time to complete this chapter of our lives and begin a new one. We are moving forward to focus on new priorities with our new family.

We are proud to say we have completed our goal, and we are incredibly grateful to have worked with inspiring people and served some of the most genuine and amazing people Dallas has to offer, many of whom we now call dear friends. These people will always be special to us. We will leave this beautiful space to a talented team who shares our respect and interest in keeping Bryan Place and East Dallas a special neighborhood. We wish this upcoming business (which you will find out soon) much success, and we hope you will all support them as much as you have supported us. In the next few weeks, come visit us one last time for a memorable evening. Thank you for all the support and exposure, and most importantly, for letting us be a part of the dynamic Dallas culinary scene.

Best Regards,
Gigliola (Gigi) Zimmermann

We're sad to see this neighborhood eatery — and its salteñas — go.

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