Kathleen's Sky Diner on Lovers is Closed; Is a Roach Problem to Blame?

Nancy Nichols reported Wednesday afternoon that Kathleen's Sky Diner on Lovers Lane abruptly closed. Lock-out notices were posted to the front door.

This spot originally opened in 1988 by husband and wife team Robert and Kathleen Ellington, the latter who is the baker for the dessert-inclined restaurant.

Back in November of last year I spoke to Robert and he was seriously looking into a second location, with a "less is more" concept. He almost signed a deal on a new spot, then backed out, but said he would continue to look for a new place, possibly even in the Bishop Arts District.

Well, after Nichols reported the closing on Wednesday things got nasty, nasty, nasty in the comments. Evidently Kathleen's has a roach problem. A big one. And broke, unemployed ex-employees were ready to unleash about it. And they did.

Perhaps that's what happens when you lock employees out without notice?

Reading the comments beckons flashbacks of Marvin Zindler's Eyewitness News. NN even confirmed in the comments that she "understands the rodent infestation is horrible in the whole strip center along Lovers Lane."

A Dallas County Health and Human Services inspection confirms the problem. They were cited for evidence of "insect contamination" and were docked four points on their score. A note about pest control the day prior to the inspection was at the top of the report.

Could they reopen even if they wanted at this point? Could any restaurant open in that spot? Has too much damage been done?

I don't know, but if one does, I'm busy that day.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.