East Dallas has a new Laotian restaurant and noodle shop.EXPAND
East Dallas has a new Laotian restaurant and noodle shop.
courtesy Khao Noodle Shop

Now Open In East Dallas: Laotian Restaurant Khao Noodle Shop

As of today, East Dallas has a new noodle spot: Khao Noodle Shop, a new Laotian restaurant that is starting its soft open phase.

Chef Donny Sirisavath's new restaurant is opening at 4812 Bryan St., across from Jimmy's Food Store. On the menu, you'll find dishes like Boat Noodle Soup, "a Laotian Khao Soi with fermented soybeans and small bites including tripe chicharrones (inspired by Donny’s childhood in San Antonio) and fried shrimp bites," according to a press release.

From chicharrones with fermented pork belly to fried shrimp balls with bean curd, Sirisavath's cozy new eatery will serve recipes inspired by his mom's home cooking. "The menu is crafted for sharing and tasting, like how it’s served in Southeast Asia," according to the release. "Order one or four smalls of different noodles and soups to share or eat alone and when you’re done, stack the bowls up. A limited menu of about 15 items will boast items like boat noodles, khao soi (Laotian-style), khao poon (spicy vermicelli soup) and sakoo (tapioca dumplings).

"Chef Donny is fully committed to being a conscious business by sourcing their ingredients from local community gardens in the neighborhood and farmer’s markets and reducing their environmental footprint inside the kitchen and out," according to the release. "He sought out a space specifically in East Dallas because his wife’s family and Southeast Asian refugees call it home, which pays homage to his mom’s roots."

During soft open, the restaurant will be open 11 a.m.-3 p.m. and 5-9 p.m. on Tuesdays, with limited hours on other days. Check their Facebook page to see if they're open. The restaurant's official grand opening is Dec. 12.

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