Susie Bui
Susie Bui
Aaron Young

Lumi's Susie Bui On Holiday Stress and an Intriguing Burger Idea

Yesterday, we gave you the goods on Susie Bui, co-owner of Lumi Empanada and Dumpling Kitchen. Today, we asked Bui to finish a few sentences for us. Tomorrow, she shares one of her small plate recipes.

I was born and raised in... Fort Worth, and I went to school in Arlington.

My friends say I'm... crazy.

My momma told me... that I'm too nice and naïve and that people will take advantage of me.

If I had 24 hours to live... I would probably throw a big party with my friends and eat till I pass out.

My guilty pleasure is... cheese. Nacho cheese. Love it on everything, and fat. Duck fat, steak fat, bacon fat. And chicken skin -- fried.

If I could be anywhere, I'd go... I'd be here. I'm happy where I am.

Cat or dog... Dog. I have a round, short dog. We call him a cow. Tiny head. Huge body. Black and white. He's a boy named Jacky.Once he ate my whole McRib sandwich and he chewed up my retainer. We had to stop letting him hang out on the patio [because he wants to eat everyone's food].

The CD I couldn't do without is... Cali swag. "Teach Me How to Dougie." If that song comes on, it's like, Stop what you're doing. Susie's gonna dance.

When I go out, I like to go... to Ghostbar. My friend's a promoter. Really anywhere there's people.

I relax by... Drinking. Should I say drinking or running?

If it weren't for cooking, I would be... Useless. It's my life. Even when I was working a corporate job, I had a part-time job at Williams and Sonoma. I really looked forward to it. If it wasn't for money, I'd work there.

To lower holiday stress... Do a lot of prep work. Make a list. Prep the night before. Keep it simple. My problem is I always make too much food.

The kitchen gadget I really want is... Sous vide machine. Piece of meat marinade it. Put it in a sealed bag and cook it in really low temp.

My kitchen must haves are... a chef's knife. Oh, and I love my mandoline. Everything's always precise. I love my mandoline and my whisk. Oh, and my Le Cruest iron pans. Love those.

Dallas diners... are all about Tex-Mex. There are eight Tex-Mex restaurants on McKinney alone.

My favorite foods are... sweet and savory. [Note: Bui says she wants to try a hamburger served on a Krispy Kreme donuts, something she saw on TV that she thought sounded delicious.]


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