Mayor Mike Rawlings' Top Five Dallas Pizzas

Pizza is a provincial food. A New Yorker will tell you a slice should be thin and floppy, the sauce just like so. A New Havener would skulk if a crust was missing that requisite char and might prefer clams over peperoni. Chicagoans turn pizza into a literal pie, practically daring you to eat more than one slice. Assembling five best pizza offerings in any city can be a deeply personal matter. Coming up with a single list for the masses would be impossible.

Mayor Mike Rawlings knows a thing or two about pizza, though. He spent six years running Dallas-based Pizza Hut before he took charge of Dallas itself. We asked him his five favorite pies in the Big D, and he obliged. See his picks and his commentary below.

1. Sal's Pepperoni We're a long way from the streets of New York, but it's as close to Ray's famous NYC pizza as you can get.

2. Meat Lover's Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut. It's a real man's pizza...

3. Eno's Original Best crust in town and I love the sport peppers.

4. Coal Vines The wheat pizza and a great red wine go great together.

5. Campisi's all the way It's all about the toppings... and don't forget the dinner salad.

I'd say the Mayor was good to pick Eno's and Coal Vines. The Pizza Hut play was a gimmie, and Sal's won an Observer Best Of, way back in 2003. Still, picking pizza is a personal matter. I'd drop a few of the commercial pies and add a few local Neapolitan pizzerias.

Either way, I'm now incredibly hungry.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.