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My 10 Favorite Food Shots of 2012

When our web editor, Nick Rallo, asked me to put together a list of the best food photos I took this year I jumped on the opportunity. "Piece of cake!" I said to him, or maybe that was in my head, but either way I was stoked. I didn't realize how difficult the task of narrowing down my selection would be until I started sifting through old blog posts, slideshows and print stories. This was a year of some serious food porn. Between all the restaurant openings, local culinary flare and slideshows drenched in cheese, my options seemed limitless, but somehow, while salivating all over my monitor (it was right before lunch), I chose my 10 favorite food shots of the year.

Pictured above: Pumpkin risotto topped with a Southern fried egg, currants and pepitas at Max's Wine Dive.

Loaded sweet potato fries, topped with bacon, green onions and fresh jalapeños at Company Cafe.


Oysters from Rex's Seafood.


The Nooner at Jonathon's Oak Cliff.


Cupcakes from Tu Lu's Gluten Free Bakery in the West Village.

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Catherine Downes
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