One of the Best Beers Ever Stops in Texas at the Dogfish Head Experience

One of the great American craft beers out there right now doubles as one of the strongest India pale ales. Dogfish Head's 120 Minute IPA, which has experienced brewing hardships recently, has a nose-blasting International Bittering Unit rating of 120. That's roughly 24 times as hoppy as a Miller Lite-y beer.

Saturday's Dogfish Head Experience allowed morning drunks (like us) the rare opportunity to try this crazy ass, 15-20 percent ABV super beer.

And what a thing. The beer is a real work of art. It's sweet, in the way a good after-dinner sipping drink would be, but not overwhelming. Imagine the sugar flavor as a quick note of an orange jam followed immediately by hops and you'd be close. It's strong too. It's the elephant gun of beers. Four ounces of this bad-boy would leave Churchill pantsless.

After wolfing a Flying Saucer bratwurst, Dogfish's Namaste, Burton Baton and Theobrama were on the list as must-tries. This is how I'll break those down:

Namaste: Light as a damn French cookie and the same color as a lemon pie with a head of meringue. A perfect summer brew, but like drinking a glass of paper compared to the strength of the 120 Minute.

Burton Baton: Like a lighter, less intense Palo Santo with this whole great-smelling wood experience. If I were on a date with the Burton Baton, I'd compliment its hops.

Theobrama: Thanksgiving needs this beer. It'd go perfect with turkey and Grandpa's stories.

Unfortunately for 120 Minute fans, the beer's new tour doesn't include a stop in Texas. Keep an eye out though, because it's a beer worth the escalating gas prices.

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