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Party with Us This Saturday at Our Annual St. Pat's Concert

Well, the rumors are partially true: cops are cracking down on inebriated partiers on and around Greenville Avenue during the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade by enforcing a state law that prohibits open containers within 18 feet from a public right-of-way. They claim they don't want to spoil a good time for responsible adults, but the threat of a $250 fine is enough to make us leave the beer bong--and probably our other bong-- at home on Saturday.

Thankfully, the Observer is back to host the St. Patrick's Day Concert at Energy Square Plaza parking lot, at the corner of Greenvile Ave. and University Blvd., and we've got plenty of booze and music to make up for that lame open container rule. Feel free to chug a beer or do Jaeger shots at our concert because we've got the permits (and the alcohol sponsors) to let you do it.

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At 12 p.m. we'll open the gates, then the party officially starts when Here Holy Spain takes to the stage at 12:30. True Widow, Ishi and Ume will also perform before the Toadies close out the show with their performance at 4:30. Along with beer and liquor, we'll also have food from Hooters, Pizza by Marco and Good Luck Food Tuck. For more information or to purchase tickets for $10 (plus a service fee), visit our St. Patrick's Day page, or if you want to avoid the service charge come to our headquarters to get your tickets.

For the true partiers, head to the After-Party Concert at Granada Theater (3524 Greenville Ave.) to hear the music stylings of Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights, Taddy Porter and The Happen-Ins. Doors will open at 7:00, and tickets are $15. Of course, those too inebriated or tired to make it to the after-party can jump on the DART for a safe ride home.

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