Emporium Pies Has Been Sold

All the pies and recipes, like the Smooth Operator, will remain the same under new ownership.
All the pies and recipes, like the Smooth Operator, will remain the same under new ownership. Courtesy of Emporium Pies
Emporium Pies begins a new chapter under the ownership of an Oak Cliff family and long-time supporters of the shop. Landon Purdue along with her husband, Charlie, and sister Jen Abohosh bought the specialty pie shop from founders Megan Wilkes and Mary Sparks to carry on Emporium’s community traditions of serving up handmade pies.
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From left, Landon Perdue, Megan Wilkes and Jen Abohosh.
Courtesy of Emporium Pies

Starting in 2011, Wilkes and Sparks sold pies in the Bishop Arts District of Oak Cliff outside of an old house. In the years since, the business has grown to multiple locations, with delivery and shipping nationwide. Recently the two began selling pie crusts in Central Markets. Wilkes and Sparks pride themselves on baking with only high-quality ingredients without hydrogenated oils, artificial preservatives, dyes or corn syrup.

The Perdues and Abohosh decided to purchase the business in the hopes of continuing the shop’s culinary service to the community of “fine pies for fine folk” and preserving the place that holds the family’s best memories.

“Emporium Pies has been the centerpiece of our most special moments over the last 10 years,” said Landon in a statement. “Our family is honored to be responsible for keeping alive the warm backdrop of our friends’ and neighbors' favorite memories.”

As long-time loyal customers to Emporium, they want to see the recipes made available to new generations of pie-lovers.

“It was important to us to maintain and carry on this incredibly special institution that we have long loved and supported,” Landon said. “Our family and friends all treasure Emporium Pies — from the outstanding recipes to the friendly and welcoming team members that make everyone feel at home.”

Abohosh, who will be the new company president, brings with her over a decade of operations and management experience. Abohosh and her sister are continuing Emporium’s tradition as a women-run business.

Along with high-quality pie, Landon aims to preserve the “culture of warmth and magic that extends beyond the walls of the shop.” She hasn’t just bought a business but has taken the reins of the story of Emporium and wants to honor the original authors in her own vision.

"It is important for me to recognize the special place Emporium Pies and its amazing team members hold in our communities ... It’s a place you can’t help but feel happy, and we are grateful to be entrusted with its future," Landon said.

Customers can still count on receiving holiday orders as Christmas draws near. After the transition to the new owners, it will be business as usual in each of the four locations for bakers and team members.

“We are so excited to continue to play a leading role in our new and returning customers’ holiday traditions,” Abohosh said. “Emporium Pies has always been a reliable local shop that you can count on to deliver exceptional pies and great customer service, and that will never change.”
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