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Buy Pie for a Good Cause: Piehole Project Raises Money for Culinary Scholarships

Sour cherry pie from Maggie Huff of Homewood.
Sour cherry pie from Maggie Huff of Homewood. Courtesy of Manny Rodriguez Photography
For the third consecutive year, Piehole Project will hold a pie auction to raise money for future chefs in the DFW area.

Forty North Texas chefs and bakers will prepare specialty pies to auction off in support of the event. This year’s event theme is “Celebrate the '80s,” so we should see lots of unique pies with bright colors as the chefs interpret this theme.

The fundraiser is run by Alison Matis and Cheryl Weis of FestEvents Foundation. In an effort to support the food and beverage industry, Matis and Weis founded Piehole Project in 2020 as an extension of their 501(c)(3) organization, FestEvents Foundation. The organization provides scholarships and professional development resources to young people pursuing a career in the food and hospitality industry.

One of those scholarships, the Chefs of Tomorrow Culinary & Hospitality Scholarship, is given to multiple students pursuing an education in a food-related field, whether it be at culinary school, trade school or college. Funds raised at the Piehole Project will go directly into the pot for this scholarship.
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Joshua Gianna Farrell brings the glitterati to every party. And pie.
Courtesy of Manny Rodriguez Photography
While some chefs at the event bake and sell pies daily, like Sean Jett of Humble: Simple Good Pies, others, like Nikky Phinyawatana of Asian Mint, Susan Lor of TJ’s Seafood Market and Jeffery Hobbs of Slow Bone, are dipping into new territory for the cause.

Meet all of the chefs and their pies on the 2022 pie page.

John Tesar, whose pop-up restaurant Knife & Spoon we recently wrote about, will be baking a caviar pie for the occasion.

Even if you’re not into sweets, you can still donate money toward the scholarship fund.

The auction will be online over the course of ten days, Oct. 17–27. Matis and Weis hope to raise $40,000 for the cause. Online bidding starts on Oct. 17. Buy a pie and help the kids. 
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