Prediction: Ruby Tuesday Is Going to Regret its New "Fun Between the Buns" Campaign

The other night I saw an ad for Ruby Tuesday that ended with a URL that made me say, "Wow. Did that actually just happen?" This is not something I say often. But I am a sucker for mysterious URLs. (See: Me speed-typing "cowboyfaith.org" into my phone after passing a billboard for it on I-35 on the drive to Austin).

This time, the URL was FunBetweenTheBuns.com. And, to everyone's surprise and disappointment, it's 100 percent SFW.

When you get to the website, it'll ask you for an email address in order to receive a coupon and to see the "uncensored" version of the TV spot. I'm not a huge Ruby Tuesday fan, so I'm not into the coupon part, but I was interested to know exactly what fun Ruby Tuesday had shoved between its buns.

If you want to see the uncensored version, you can type anything into their online form, as it turns out. (I used shmalice@gmail.com. Sorry, Shmalice.) Or you can just play the video below.

As the owner of MeatFight.com, I predict Ruby Tuesday is going to get some frustrated emails over all of this.

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