Question Of The Week: Do Restaurant Coupons Work?

This week's question comes from TLS, who regularly posts comments and boycotted us for an hour when we listed the sexiest female chefs. So we'll assume she is a she.

Anyway, she says "I've always perceived coupons to a restaurant as a sign that their business is suffering. The plethora of 'buy one entree get another free' ads that are filling my mailbox in this poor economy indicates I am correct. But unfortunately a coupon deters me from going to the restaurant. I don't know why. It just hits me the wrong way psychologically.

"So my question of the week is 'Do coupons attract or deter you from trying a restaurant?'"

Interesting question, indeed.

Results from last week, in which we asked a question spurred by our visit to Burguesa Burger: Do you really want to eat in your car?

We received three pointed responses before the folks at Burguesa Burger hijacked the conversation. The Big Guy admitted to being a "former 30,000+ miles a year sales troll" and wrote:

"There are specific types of fast food that lend themselves to being eaten in a car, and those that don't. The Big Guy's favorite? In-N-Out cheeseburger plain and dry, extra crispy fries, on an In-N-Out "eat in your car" place mat." But, he added, "To specifically answer your question: No"

To Margie, "Eating in the car is why I still haven't tried Chapman's chili place and it took forever for me to try Fuel City tacos. The car is going to smell like whatever you've been eating for who knows how long. Fabric upholstry doesn't stand up well to burger or taco ooze. That is, if I manage to keep the dribblings off my clothes since they'll never hit the napkin in my lap. Overall, it's about as much fun as eating over a trash can."

Wow--so the answer is no.

Then the conversation took a strange turn, when Burguesa Burger announced they'd added seats to their establishment. Somehow the conversation turned to French fries and in three different posts implored people to try them with "the sauce."

This prompted Alex to ask: "Is anyone else frightened by the chanting of the SAUCE use the SAUCE! ?"

Yes, Alex, we are. Perhaps they use a nicotine sauce.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.