We may have to say goodbye to Smoke's glorious beef rib.
We may have to say goodbye to Smoke's glorious beef rib.
Sara Kerens

After Its Sale to the Belmont Hotel, the Future of Smoke Is Uncertain

Haute West Dallas barbecue joint Smoke, which we recently named one of the Top 100 Dallas Restaurants, has been sold to the Belmont Hotel.

Restaurant founders Chris Jeffers, Chris Zielke and Tim Byres opened the restaurant in 2009 "at the request and partnership of former Belmont Hotel owner, Monte Anderson," according to a press release. Smoke is located just a few steps from the Belmont's lobby. After bringing the old-school motor hotel back to life with a major renovation, Anderson has since sold the Belmont, and now the Belmont's new owners will own Smoke — but it's unclear whether they will continue to operate Smoke or close it in favor of a new concept.

Jeffers, Zielke and Byres will retain ownership of Smoke until Dec. 16, which means this is the last weekend they'll be running the show.

“Smoke has shown me how to be the person I always wanted to become," Byres said in the release. "I have too many memories of struggle, grit, celebration, love and companionship around our tables. We have been gifted with the opportunity to craft our own way and do it surrounded by closest friends and family. Nobody was ever a stranger here."

Smoke also had a location in Plano, but it closed in August 2017. Other media outlets have reported that Smoke's final location is closing after brunch service on Sunday, but we called the restaurant Thursday afternoon and were told Smoke is still accepting reservations for next week, after the ownership change. We were unable to reach the Belmont's owners for more information, but Zielke says he doesn't know the hotel's plans for the restaurant.

"It’s been a nice run," Zielke says. "I’m sure the hotel owner will do it justice."

Anderson credits the restaurant for making the renovated Belmont Hotel a destination for both Dallasites and out-of-towners.

“If it wasn’t for the Smoke restaurant partnership, the Belmont would have never become what it did when I sold it in 2015," Anderson said in the release. "The food and beverage portion of this project was vital to the hotel becoming a sought after destination. We were pioneers in the revitalization of this corridor, and I am looking forward to working with the team on other projects in the very near future.”

Smoke, 901 Fort Worth Ave. (West Dallas)

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