Sugarfina Launches Collection of High-End Hello Kitty Candy Bento Boxes

Apple pie-flavored Hello Kitty gummies break the kawaii meter.
Apple pie-flavored Hello Kitty gummies break the kawaii meter. Kellie Reynolds
Grown-ups outnumbered kids at the Hello Kitty candy party hosted by Neiman Marcus on Saturday. Celebrating the unveiling of Sugarfina's new line of Hello Kitty candies, party guests were treated to lemonade, Hello Kitty-shaped sugar cookies and scoopfuls of samples at a shiny candy bar. The feline icon joined Sugarfina co-founder Rosie O'Neill and indulged fans in search of photo ops. On a scale of 1 to adorbs, the kawaii factor was off the charts.

The party's over, but you can still get your paws on these sweet treats. Starting at $8, seven a la carte bento box choices include fun flavors such as Mischievous Chocolate Pops (milk chocolate balls filled with strawberry popping candy).  A signature bow-shaped box ($20) has two bento boxes: an apple pie-flavored kitty face gummy and a strawberry bow gummy. Only one thing will do for the true Hello Kitty fan: a $30 limited-edition pop-up diorama box with a slide-out magnetic drawer, filled with 3 flavors of your choosing.

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Hello, kitty. Hello, candy.
Kellie Reynolds
Sugarfina's standalone store (just around the corner from Neiman's) also has the super-cute sweets in stock. Both spots will continue to offer the new line in store and online until supplies run out. If these stocking stuffers are in your holiday shopping plans, best to get your Hello Kitty now before it says goodbye.

Sugarfina, NorthPark Center, 8687 N. Central Expressway
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Kellie Reynolds
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