Super Chix, the Chick Fil A Knock-Off from Yum! Brands, Is Coming to Dallas

When Yum! Brands, the fast-food minds behind KFC and Taco Bell, opened its first location of Super Chix in Arlington, we gushed. The obvious spin on the Chick fil A model served fast food just as good as fresh and addictive as Chick fil A's, without all the weird politics. The only problem for anyone outside of Arlington was that Super Chix was in Arlington.

What's worse was Yum!'s announcement that there would be no more chicken restaurants in Texas, or the rest of the country. The Arlington location was a test bed for international locations, according to a spokesperson. Suddenly we were all skulking back to our familiar waffle fries and Polynesian sauce.

But now, Yum! appears to have reversed course. They announced recently that a new Super Chix location would be built right in North Dallas. We don't even have to go outside of the loop for chicken sandwiches, fried nuggets and other chicken configurations.

Why the change of plans? It could be beef prices, which are squeezing burger-focused fast food chains as much as they are your favorite local barbecue spot. Retail prices for beef have taken a steady climb since 2000, tamping down profits for restaurants that rely heavily on red meat. Poultry prices have been closer to level over the same period, making chicken-sandos an attractive investment.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.