Sushi on McKinney: When an On-and-Off Lover Moves to Plano and Becomes Long Distance

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Dearest SoM,

We need to talk.

This isn't the first time you've done this to me, SoM. Back in the day (in your first place, which is now a Chipotle), I was a like a groupie, enduring a sub-par restroom situation just to sit on your teensy patio and eat your delicious sushi at relatively reasonable prices. I defended you to those who didn't get it. They didn't know you like I knew you. Then you closed your doors to me.

It was a sad, dark time.

BUT LO! On December 31, 2008, a magical New Year's Eve, an email appeared. It was from you. You were coming back to me. To a new place, just a few feet away from your old one. I couldn't believe it. I pinched myself. Twice. I called an old friend and shared the good news. It was glorious.

The past few years together were awesome. I dined on fresh salmon, Robb Rolls, spicy pressed sushi and martini glasses full of your Ahi Special -- almost every Monday night -- for years. Your reasonable prices, friendly staff and freshness of the fish kept me coming back for more. I was a "royal customer," a somewhat off-color term you use to describe your most loyal regulars. We even had "our" table. Life was good!

But about a month ago, you told me you were moving on. Again. And this time it was for good. Like loads of Dallasites do every year, you were growing up and moving to Plano. It hurt. It hurt like a million Devil Rolls in my heart.

I went through all five stages of grief: Denial ("You are NOT going anywhere."), Anger (" You can't go! I'm a royal customer!!"), Bargaining ("Just move to East Dallas instead. There is no competition and so very much demand..."), Depression ("I'll never eat another Robb Roll. Just leave me here to die."), and finally, Acceptance ("Okay, I guess I can drive to Plano every once in a while, right?")

Well, last Friday night you started your new life in Plano, without me. And now a whole new city of folk gets to enjoy your McKinney Rolls, creamy mushroom sushi and my favorite California Roll in town.

So on Wednesday, I had an errand to run up north and decided to pop by unannounced for lunch. I had a craving only your Robb Roll (hold the cream cheese) could satisfy. The new space, located south of Park Boulevard on the west side access road to 75, is reminiscent of the old location, with its transplanted metallic-paint-splattered art and lacquered tables, brown leather chairs and the same sweet staff. I closed my eyes as I tasted your velvety-smooth salmon nigiri; I knew not much had really changed, yet you felt so distant. And even as my tongue burned with the fleeting heat of that Devil Roll's hot mustard, I knew I couldn't stay away for long. Fresh tears.



Sushi on McKinney's new location is 1861 N Central Expy, Suite 125, Plano, TX 75075.

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