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Tanoshii Ramen, Deep Ellum's New Late-Night Ramen Shop, Opens Tomorrow (Photos)

Editor's Note: Late last evening Tanoshii Ramen used their Facebook page to announce they'd gotten cold feet. The place still looks pretty inside, as all of these pictures depict, but you'll have to wait till tomorrow if you want to try the ramen.

Tanoshii Ramen and Bar (2724 Commerce St.) opens its doors in Deep Ellum tomorrow.

The restaurant, owned by husband and wife Joey and Chi Le of Wicked Po Boys fame, will serve up steaming bowls of ramen and non-ramen options including edamame, dumplings, curries, steamed buns and pork-belly sliders. There will be plenty of vegan-friendly options, too.

And in what's sure to be a hit every weekend when the neighborhood bars close, Tanoshii Ramen will serve food until 3 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

The name Tanoshii means "joyful ramen." Joyful, indeed.

Here are some more photos of Deep Ellum's new ramen haunt:

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