The Original Goody Goody Liquor is Closing

After 49 years of liquoring up Lower Greenville Avenue, the original location of Goody Goody Liquor will close its doors permanently on June 22. A spokesperson for the company confirmed the closure, saying the company was unable to negotiate a lease with a new property owner.

John Dragna, a banking pro and real estate investor, was the landlord when Joe Jansen first opened Goody Goody in 1964. Dragna died in 1990 and Jansen has been negotiating his lease with his trust since. But last year the property was sold to Centric Capital Inc., and when the lease came up for negotiation again the rent figure had tripled. The figure was high enough that Jansen decided to close his flagship store.

Goody Goody the company isn't going anywhere, of course. There are two locations further up Greenville Avenue. There's another on Oak Lawn. In fact, there are 18 Goody Goody locations all over Texas, two of which are in Houston.

Still, the original location bears the most nostalgia, especially for the neighborhood locals who have enjoyed nearly 50 years of Goody Goody-induced hazy memories and hangovers. The store is handing out cards to all their customers with info on other Goody Goody locations and a $5 coupon.

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