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The Tried and True, Nick Badavinus' Henderson Avenue Whiskey-and-Burger Joint, Is Closed

Have you ever been out on a date with someone who is absolutely beautiful, holds a high-paying position at an awesome company, makes good conversation, and then somehow just don't do it for you? That's always how I felt and about The Tried and True.

Just take a look at that burger sitting on the bar, paired up with a tall pour of whiskey. How could you not want a seat in front of a burger like that? You can't see it in the picture, but just over those french fries and behind the bar, an old record player spun music on occasion, hiss and pops and all. The place had a great whiskey menu, good food and all the charm.

But as reported on Side Dish last evening, The Tried and True closed this past Sunday. Badovinus says his concept didn't fit the neighborhood, and on the few occasions I've walked by or patronized the bar it was never very crowded inside. The neighboring bars that focused on cheap drinks and throbbing music were always packed.

Deep down inside I know The Tried and True wasn't quite right, for me or the neighborhood, Still, there's something about the whole situation that feels a little like the one that got away. I wonder what will replace it.

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Scott Reitz
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