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Deep Ellum Nightclub Deletes Facebook Page After Posting Domestic Violence Joke

This Vinty Bar's Facebook page no longer exists after users complained about the nightclub posting this meme making light of domestic violence.
This Vinty Bar's Facebook page no longer exists after users complained about the nightclub posting this meme making light of domestic violence. screenshot courtesy Jordan Edwards

Vinty Club, a Deep Ellum nightclub that often sports lines out the door on weekends, has deleted one of its Facebook pages after posting a meme that pokes fun at violence toward women.

A Deep Ellum neighborhood group Facebook post got heated this morning after user Jordan Edwards published a screen capture of the meme — "When you wanna jaw the fuck outta yo girl ... but then you realize you're gonna need that jaw later tonight," it reads, with cartoon drawings of a clenched fist — posted to Vinty's page. "Just what Deep Ellum needs: a business that makes light of violence against women," Edwards wrote. "Thanks Vinty."

In response, user Daniel Twardowski posted a screen capture of a Facebook interaction between Twardowski and the bar over its use of the bizarre meme.

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When Facebook users complained about the meme, Vinty Club management responded.
screenshot courtesy Daniel Twardowski
"This is a joke dude really man look at ur last name what kind of last name is that go be peety with someone else man if u gona start pointing fingers at least have your facts st8," the bar's management responded, showing obvious mastery of grammar, spelling and punctuation.

The nightclub's Facebook page was linked to the URL, but that page has been deleted. The bar has another Facebook page that has not been updated since November, but there are few posts, save for a photo of a woman in lingerie advertising "Monday Funday" at Tiger Cabaret.

This is not the first discussion about Vinty in the Deep Ellum Facebook group, where multiple posts allege large fights and violence in front of the Elm Street nightclub. Some Yelp reviews paint an equally unflattering picture of the bar.

Read Matt W.'s review of Vinty Club on Yelp
A Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission complaint shows that on Aug. 11, TABC opened an investigation into the bar for selling alcoholic beverages to minors, breach of the peace and selling alcoholic beverages to intoxicated person(s). The investigation completed Sept. 18, and the bar was found not in violation.

Although the posts and page have since been deleted, Twardowski claims this isn't the only questionable content the bar has posted. He references another meme encouraging ladies "less nagging, more gagging," which he says appeared on the bar's page. Management from Vinty Club has not responded to repeated requests for comment.

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